We now have REWARDS!

A few changes have been made to the layout of the site
so that rewards will be calculated properly.

There will no longer be coupon codes
due to the rewards program,
but we have reduced prices.  :)

The 15ml bottle is back,
but is only available in glass until our
new bottles arrive.  

The 30ml bottle is available in glass or plastic.
If you do not choose one, we will use plastic.

We will be closed from 
August 21st at 4pm central time
until September 1st at 9am.
Checkout, email, and the ticket system
will be closed.
Please plan accordingly.
Thank you!

For International customers, please use the
International Checkout option.  Please contact us for
the code to use.  Thank you.

Please read this page before asking for special requests,
as we can not do that right now.

The plastic 30ml bottles, tops, and droppers:

The 120ml bottles remain the same.

We do not answer emails,
tickets or the phone on weekends.
We are a small business and enjoy having weekends
with our families.

Thank you.

Authorized Retailers -  USA

Authorized Retailer - USA and Japan

Authorized Retailers - France

Authorized Retailers - Mexico

We do NOT ship outside the USA, please do not ask us to do so. 
Please visit our international retailers.

Please read the FAQS,  Terms of Service,
and Shipping Info. before placing an order.
Please also read them before submitting a ticket!

If you submit a ticket and the answer is in the FAQ's
we will not respond to the ticket.

Due to the new dispensers not being able
to dispense the small amounts needed
to do samples, we are not sending
samples at this time.

We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion.

You can find us here:

And here:

Unless specifically listed, all e-liquid contains nicotine
 and is for users over the age of 18


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