About Us

Copper Creek
102 W. Sixth Street
Friendship, WI US

Reach our Customer Service department:  customerservice@shopcoppercreek.com

Copper Creek Trading Company was established in June of 2011.

We strive to create the best products in the market and to provide them to our customers with fast and friendly service.

We ask that you email us rather than call.  We do not allow a phone in the mixing room as phones are not sterile.  We also do not want the mixer to be distracted for obvious reasons.  :)

Our juices are NOT mixed in our home.  They are mixed at the Copper Creek facility.  It is a dedicated commercial building specifically remodeled to our needs.  We do not offer retail, as it is a sterile environment.

We use only RTS nicotine in a VG base, and USP/Kosher Food Grade PG and VG. Calibrated digital dispensing of the nicotine, PG and VG assures that your e-liquid contents are carefully controlled for your safety.

We do not add any colorings to our e-liquids. Our liquids contain Nicotine (if chosen), PG, VG, Natural and/or artificial flavorings. We do choose all natural/organic flavors whenever possible. Our liquids contain no diacetyl. As an herbalist I choose to keep the liquids as natural as possible.

We strive for excellence in our e-liquids and our customer service, our bottles all have child resistant caps and tamper evident seals.

Label and Mix Stations:


Thanks for shopping with us!