Kitchen Workstation Series #3: Baking Station

In this series we teach you how to organize a kitchen that will work for you, not against you, by setting up work stations. Baking Station: A baking station will be your best friend if you are someone that likes to bake. Keep your electric mixer, bowls, rolling pin, parchment paper, measuring cups, and spoons all together in a cupboard near your work station. You'll want quick access to utensils when you need to scrape a mixing bowl or measure out some flour so keep your mixing spoons, rubber spatulas, and other baking utensils in a canister on the countertop so you can grab them quick. Before you begin your baking project, go ahead and move the baking powder, baking soda, flour, and sugar from the pantry to your baking station. That's where you're going to want them. Of course, you'll want your pie pans, cake pans, cookie sheets, and cooling racks handy, too. Timers are another necessity when it comes to baking. Set up your baking station by filling it with all the things you keep reaching for when rolling out your homemade apple pie or buttermilk biscuits. With these tips, you'll be baking some delicious goodness in no time!


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